SEO Tips for Programming Blogs and Technical Bloggers using jekyll in 2018

I’ve noticed that many programming blogs I read don’t implement certain SEO techniques, and bloggers could be missing valuable traffic opportunities. I will describe a couple of search engine optimization tips which ca… [article continues]


The Mobile App Optimization Checklist: Top 5 Tips

…a rundown of 5 most loved ASO tips, a large number of which have their underlying foundations in understood SEO techniques advertisers know and love. 1. Comprehend Your Client and Your Opposition ASO system starts with placing yours… [article continues]

10 Best WordPress Plugins to Improve Page Speed

Original source: 10 Best WordPress Plugins to Improve Page Speed via DailySEOblog.

Did you know that Americans spend an estimated 37 billion hours per year waiting in lines, which equates to approximately 118 hours per person? This is what  statistics published by Harvard Business School had to say! Having to wait for something, be it for buses, trains or at the airport, waiting in traffic jams, or waiting at…


How To Prepare Your Site For Shark Tank, Tips From Damon Burton, Founder At SEO National

What separates your services from the countless SEO companies out there? Honesty has built SEO National. I take transparency to heart. I turn down opportunities if I feel that my team and I can’t deliver a return. And I clearly set expectations for new …